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There is much discussion about the identity of Paul the Persian. Arthur Vööbus hints at thesignificance of this problem when he writes “the identity of this Paulos involves some complications.”1 In the view of Junillus Africanus he was associated with the Christian school of Nisibis.2 Giovanni Mercati,3 Anton Baumstark,4 Jarry,5 A. D. Lee6 and Peter Bruns7 offer different points of view on this matter.1 Lee and Baumstark discuss him under the name of “Paul of Nisibis.” Mercati names him “Paul the Persian” (Paolo il Persiano).2 Bruns describes him as an Anti-manichaean from Nisibis and a philosopher from Rew-Ardashir.3 Clearly, the information about his life is very scanty.4