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The preservation of the precious legacy left behind by the Holy Prophet’s Household [ ahl al - bayt ] ( may peace be upon them all ) by their followers from the menace of extinction is exemplified by an all - encompassing school [ maktab ], which covers all the different branches of Islamic knowledge and trains sincere seekers of the truth. It has on its list of scholars many talented personalities who have benefited from this immense wealth of knowledge. This school has presented scholars to the Muslim ummah who , by following the Holy Prophet’s Household (‘ a ), have been granted the authority to remove doubts and skepticism encountered by various creeds and intellectual trends both inside and outside the Muslim society , and have throughout the past centuries , presented the firmest answers and solutions to these doubts.
Anchored in the responsibilities it is shouldering , the Ahl al - Bayt (‘ a ) World Assembly has embarked upon defending the sanctity of risālah [ apostleship ] and its authentic beliefs — truths which have always been opposed by chiefs and leaders of anti - Islamic sects , religions and trends. The Assembly regards itself as a follower of the upright pupils of the Ahl al - Bayt’s (‘ a ) school — those who have always , based on the expediencies of time and space , logically refuted all accusations and been foremost in their efforts to clarify all misunderstandings and misinterpretations.