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In the Name of Allah , the All - beneficent , the All - merciful

The invaluable legacy of the Household [ Ahl al - Bayt ] of the Prophet ( may peace be upon them all ), as preserved by their followers , is a comprehensive school of thought that embraces all branches of Islamic knowledge. This school has produced many brilliant scholars who have drawn inspiration from this rich and pure resource. It has given many scholars to the Muslim ummah who , following in the footsteps of Imāms of the Prophet’s Household (‘ a ), have done their best to clear up the doubts raised by various creeds and currents within and without Muslim society and to answer their questions. Throughout the past centuries , they have given well - reasoned answers and clarifications concerning these questions and doubts.

To meet the responsibilities assigned to it , the Ahl al - Bayt World Assembly ( ABWA ) has embarked on a defence of the sanctity of the Islamic message and its verities , often obscured by the partisans of various sects and creeds as well as by currents hostile to Islam. The Assembly follows in the footsteps of the Ahl al - Bayt (‘ a ) and the disciples of their school of thought in its readiness to confront these challenges and tries to be on the frontline in consonance with the demands of every age.

The arguments contained in the works of the scholars belonging to the School of the Ahl al - Bayt (‘ a ) are of unique significance. That is because they are based on genuine scholarship and appeal to reason , and avoid prejudice and bias. These arguments address scholars and thinkers in a manner that appeals to healthy minds and wholesome human nature.